Transformation Curriculum (High School)

Curriculum by Amanda E. Gross
Theme / Unit Title: Transformation
Unit Goal: Artists interpret ideas of transformation in their artwork in vastly different ways.

High School: Transform an object into art
National Visual Arts Standards: 1 and 5

Lesson Goal: Some artists re-appropriate varieties of found materials in their works of art to create new understandings about the world.

Assignment: How can you modify an “everyday” object and make it art? Gather a small grouping of ordinary things from your home or collection, or pictures from newspaper clippings (no magazines). Arrange them to depict a new story or sequence of events.

Visual References:

Left to right: images by Allie Pettiway (Gee’s Bend Quilter), Joseph Cornell, and Hannah Hoch.

High School: Transform an environment
National Visual Arts Standards: 1, 2, 3, and 5

Lesson Goal: An artist’s transformation of the environment can affect our sensory experience or mood.

Assignment: Think about your environments (house, school, mall, outside, friend’s house, religious building, etc.). Which environments do you like best, and why? At home, choose a room or place outside. Take a before and after picture to show how you changed the space (with colored paper in the windows/ lighting/pillows/branches, etc) and write about how you felt when the space was transformed.

Visual References:
Left to right: Work by Olafur Eliasson, Bryant Holsenbeck.


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